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A-Level study is perhaps the hardest work your child will ever have to do. The difficulty and depth of the material is an enormous step up from GCSE, and there is a far greater expectation for your child to become an independently motivated learner. It is this focus on independence that compounds the need for additional tuition in some cases, and it is why we approach A-Level very differently to other Key Stages. While elsewhere we believe small groups are the most effective setting for most tuition, we generally advise one-on-one tuition at this level. This allows your child to investigate their curiosity in great detail in discussions led by expert tutors, and carry their findings back into their coursework exam preparation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting, to see if private tuition would be right for you.

English, (Language, Literature) Maths, (Maths, Further Maths), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

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