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Key Stage 1

At this age, it is essential for your young ones to begin building a strong foundation for English and Maths. We find the right class in which to place each child according to their working level. Our classes are designed to push the students who are in need of something more challenging while offering guidance and support to those who need extra help in their areas of weakness. Unlike the other key stages, these classes are one hour long, so that children can keep focused and on task.

English Syllabus:

  • Speaking: Phonetics – Listening and responding – Speaking audibly and fluently – Staying on topic – Considering different viewpoints
  • Reading: Decode words – Contractions – Words with more than one syllable – Common words that are exceptions to the rule – Reading books aloud
  • Comprehension: Enjoying reading – Discussing word meanings – Participate in discussion about the reading
  • Writing
  • Handwriting and Presentation: Capital and lower case letters – Basic digits
  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation: Spaces between words – Joining words and clauses – Capital letters and full stops – Question marks and exclamation marks – Capital letter for names, people places, days of the week and the personal pronoun ‘I’

Maths Syllabus: 

  • Number and Place value: Counting forwards and backward – Identifying and representing numbers – Using a number line
  • Addition and Subtraction: Read, write and interpret mathematical statements – Adding and subtracting one-digit and two-digit number – Solving one-step problems – Missing-number problems
  • Multiplication and Division: Solving one-step problems
  • Fractions: Recognising ½ and ¼ shapes, quantities or objects
  • Measurements: Understanding different denominations – Lengths, heights, weights, mass – Dates and times
  • Properties of Shapes: Recognising 2-D and 3-D
  • Position and Direction: Whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns

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