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London School of Tuition Charity Project: Overcoming barriers to education for all.

Here at the London School of Tuition, we stand by the philosophy that education is a right, not a privilege, and should be an easily accessible resource for everybody. However, we unfortunately live in a world where illiteracy rates continue to be high, and there are numerous barriers that prevent children from accessing quality of education. In fact, the basic necessities of education that we so often take for granted – like a pen, or a simple book to write in – are commodities to which a worrying number of people around the world do not have access.


In response, we are excited to announce our commitment to a new project, starting from September 2019. Working alongside our chosen charity, the Read Foundation, our aim is to raise £95,000 over five years. The funds cumulated from this project will go towards the construction of a new school building which will, ideally, be able to educate 300 students annually. It is an ambitious dream, but one we enthusiastically encourage you to join! Your generosity will enable us to build our vision of a fairer, better education for all.


If you would like more information on our forthcoming project, please contact us at 0203 874 2111, or learn more about The Read Foundation at


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