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Who are they?

We pride ourselves in the high standard of our tutors, making sure that their experience and compassion towards their students result in learning through enjoyment. The consistent and positive feedback from parents reflect our judicious approach to choosing the right tutors for every class across our centres.

Academic Background

The majority of our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers, holding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and currently working in schools during the week while offering their expertise and passion to our weekend centres. Our tutors vary depending on the requirements of each class. For our older students working at a higher level, we often select tutors who are the Heads of Department in their field of expertise, while for the younger students who thrive off enthusiasm, we offer young and vibrant tutors who are graduates from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial College.

The LST standard

We are very discerning when selecting tutors for London School of Tuition.

Based on their qualifications, experience and passion, our hand-selected tutors undergo a through interview process and our tutor training course, consisting of shadowing senior classes, training days and regular updates of knowledge on the curriculum.

While we value a strong academic background and the years of dedication, concentration and knowledge it provides, we search for certain qualities that make for a successful tutor: Our tutors must be committed to child education, excel in their chosen subject, maintain professionalism and show genuine concern for the progress of their students’ education.

Our success rate has shown that our tutors’ approach – both disciplined and caring – is highly effective in motivating and engaging students of all ages to excel in their core subjects. In order to inspire and get the best of a student, our tutors follow the progress of each individual child and provide them with support and feedback every step of the way.

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