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Our small classes provide a warm and welcoming environment for your child to prosper. While most school classes contain in excess of 30 children, our classes have an average of six. Small groups encourage children to feel engaged in the classroom, while still allowing the tutor to focus attention on the specific needs of each individual child. If your child is struggling with understanding a topic, for instance, our tutors have approximately five times more time to sit down with them, one-on-one, to help them get to grips with the material. In the majority of cases we find small groups like these to be even more effective than private tuition; through interacting with each other as well as the tutors, children stay motivated and engaged by being allowed to challenge and support one another.


London School of Tuition creates lessons according to AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC exam boards. Using the most distinguished study guides, hand-crafted study packs and up-to-date mock examinations, our lessons are carefully constructed in alignment with the UK curriculum. This ensures that all material covered in our lessons will feed directly back into your child’s regular classwork, and vice versa. Any assessments your child has coming up will be targeted with focus and specificity.


The lessons take a similar structure to mainstream school classes, in front of a whiteboard and with all the resources one would expect to find in a regular classroom. Where our classes differ is in their much smaller class sizes and much longer duration, usually lasting two hours per subject, which allow us to cover material in much more detail. This is supplemented by short breaks between lesson, which help to keep students feeling refreshed and engaged.

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