London School of Tuition

Subjects – Overview

London School of Tuition specialises in the core subjects, English, Maths & Science for all ages and all year groups. We also specialise in the 11+ Entrance Exam for Private and Grammar schools.

It is essential for every child to have knowledge and confidence within the three core subjects. Problem-solving skills and basic arithmetic are needed in everyday life. Scientific analysis skills and rational thinking are key to understanding the world around us. Exercising another side of the brain, English is the world’s third most-spoken language and effective communication will aid them throughout life.

Having good GCSE grades in English, Maths and Science have been proven to create better access into universities as well as employment.

Supporting your child’s academic journey in these areas in particular will ensure they approach their exams and coursework with confidence as well as set them up for success in the future, whether it be in their personal lives, academia or the working world.

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