1. Services

The users can connect to the tutors, who are known for providing live tutoring, instructions on one to one basis, learning services with the help of the online tutoring sessions with the support of the site, software as well as the services provided by us. The services that are included contains hosting and facilitating of the tutoring sessions that are conducted, keeping track of the favorite tutors of the users, matching of the users with the available tutors as well as taking proper feedback from the users.

According to our services all the tutors are required to pass a verification service arranged by the third party, this helps in confirming the validity of the tutors, the educational credentials that they have claimed as well as to check any past criminal history. We have no responsibility as well as no control of the verification service that is conducted as well as any information provided by the verification service. We also do not provide any warranty as well as we do not represent or provide endorsement regarding the reliability as well as the authenticity of the tutors as well as the verification service conducted.

The responsibility is solely upon you for the cost, the fees to be borne for your access and use of the services, the telephony services, and other services. You are also responsible for the usage and access of different types of equipment like the computer hardware, maintaining of the telephone.

2. Privacy policy

Privacy is an important area of our concern, and we take good care in maintaining your privacy while you use our services and access our site. To know the details, please go through our privacy policy on the site.

3. User content

Any kind of information, ideas, communications as well as materials that have been uploaded, communicated or transmitted by you or posted to us or to the site and the services or the tutors will not be treated as confidential as well as proprietary and can be used by us for any kind of purpose and will also not be limited to the development of professionalism or quality control as well as any form of development, marketing as well as manufacturing of the future services as well as the current services. Once you upload any user content, you automatically provide the authority and warranty that the owner of the content has granted the non-exclusive, royalty-free, license and worldwide right for using, modification, performance, displaying, publishing as well as transmitting the User content for any purpose. The source of materials for an academic purpose like the workbooks as well as the textbooks are an exception to the rules mentioned above, and you can assert under the �fair rule� of the doctrine of copyright law that you are entitled to upload such content. If you are requesting help from any page or any problem from the workbook or the textbook that needs to be displayed or represented by the system then you should express warranty that you have the proper legal possession of the textbook and that the instruction provided by you to display a problem or a page from the textbook or the workbook is made for the facilitation of you tutoring sessions and it is one of the fair examples of the �fair use� of the copyright law. You should also agree any or all part of the tutoring session including the communications of the voice chats may be recorded for the purpose of quality control as well as other purposes. We also possess the right to review the session related to tutoring. You will also have to agree to the fact that we have the ownership of all the transcripts as well as the recordings of the sessions of tutoring and all the comments that are provided by you on our site as well as to us, the services will be a part of the user satisfaction or any other similar kind of surveys and all the above-mentioned terms will be considered as an irrevocable assignment of all the comments and transcripts and we will have intellectual property right to every portion.

4. Copyright

You also need to provide an acknowledgement that the technologies that are underlying the services, the Software, materials, designs, communications, text, graphics, materials, links, animations, audio clips, electronic arts, video clips, images, artworks, illustrations, photos as well as other data or any other material that is copyrightable including the arrangements and the selections that are provided or are made available having connection with the site the services the software�s that are collectively termed as the �Company Content� and we are the owner of the works and our affiliations and the third party suppliers and providers and are also protected without any kind of limitations and persuasion to the US and any foreign copyright laws. Exception has been expressed and authorized by us in the mentioned terms that you are not allowed to copy, publish, distribute, reproduce, perform, broadcast, modify, circulate, create any derivative work related to the lease, rent, assign, sell, sub license, display, transfer, transmit, collect in a database or compile or in any matter exploit the site, the services, the Company Content, in a part or in whole. You will also not be in any manner without getting any prior approval in written, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, reverse assemble or try to discover any source code of any other Company Content or the Software, the services or the sites. You are also not permitted to store any significant portion of the services or the Company Content in any form whether it is in the form of computer-readable files, or archival files or files of any form. You are also not permitted to �mirror� any of the services and the Company Content on the server. Prohibited or unauthorized usage of the other Company Content, Software, services as well as the site are subject to offend to the criminal prosecution and civil liability under the applicable Federals as well as the state laws.

You are permitted to print and download sufficient number of the copies of the documentations that are provided or are available having connection with the Company Content for any personal or educational use that is non-commercial in nature and we also offer to grant you a limited, revocable, non-assignable, non-perpetual, non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license for accessing and utilizing the Software, the services and the Company Content for any personal or educational purpose that is non-commercial in nature having the terms mentioned in full effect and in full force: it is provided that i) any copies of the documentation that have been permitted and that are available or are provided in connection with the Company Content contains in the form that is unmodified a)all the designations of the languages that are provided by us to you is an indication of the confidentiality of the content b) all the proprietary rights as well as the copyrights notices that are contained in the materials that have been initially provided by us to you as well as any original source of attribution that is applicable to the third parties ii) You are not permitted to modify any portion of the Company Content except getting written approval from us in advance. You need to acknowledge that we as well as the third parties hold all the rights, interest and title into all intangible as well as the tangible aspects of the Company Content, the services, the sites including without any limitation, all copyrights, patents, as well as trade secrets except for any limited set of rights, you have no right and license related to the intellectual property in respect to printing, downloading the Company Content, including without any limitation, by using the site and accessing the site as well as the services and the Company Content. The rights that have been granted to you are revocable by us according to the Terms.

5. Confidential information

You agree that you will safeguard the services and the Company Content that is collectively known as proprietary information and you will also prevent any negligent, unauthorized and inadvertent use of disclosure. Without taking advance written approval from us you will not indirectly or directly disclose or use the information related to the proprietary to any business entity or any person, your employees are in a position that they need to know are an exception who provide agreement in writing and are bounded by the restrictions on use and also the terms and restriction are equally restrictive like the above-mentioned terms. You also agree to offer a written notification of any disclosure or use of the proprietary information in a manner that is not consistent, and that will cause a damage that is irreparable in nature, and we have the sole right to i) injunctive as well as equitable relief for preventing such prohibition of use as well as disclose, ii) recovery of the amount of all the damages that includes the fees of the attorneys as well as the expenses in connection with the prohibition of use as well as disclosure.

6. Links

The services, as well as the sites, will provide a link to the resources i.e. the third party sites, the londonschooloftuition.com and the World Wide Web sites. It may also include links to be sent to the third parties by the londonschooloftuition, which can cause the third party sites to pop up the reviews including the online education pages as well as the study resources. We do not have any control over the third party sites so you have to provide acknowledgement and also agree that we will not be responsible for the availability of the third-party sites, and we offer no endorsement and are not liable or responsible for any of the advertising, content, services, products or other materials that are available from the third party sites. You will also have to provide acknowledgement that we shall not be liable or responsible, indirectly or directly, for any of the loss or the damage that is caused and is connected with the usage of any content, services, products, other materials and advertising that are available with the third party sites or of any of the slander, mistakes, falsehood, pornography, omissions, defamations, libel, obscenity, profanity that is contained therein.